Supply chain management in the insurance

Insurance Coverage For Supply And Distribution Chain Disruptions

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Risk Management

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Crystal chain management Woodland Group effects the highest levels of supply chain management services. Supply Chain Managers may progress into high-paying roles like VP of Supply Chain Management, where median compensation is $K annually. The most common next step for a Supply Chain Manager.

Supply chain management

Supply Chain Visibility Smarter logistics enable resilient operations and it’s powered by information. When shipments and assets are in-transit, companies need data in real-time to improve operations, reduce risk and resolve issues.

Woodland Group provides the highest levels of supply chain management services. Our supply chain team consists of a global network that identifies and develops unique process and systems to deliver a sophisticated, seamless service.

Supply Chain Risk Management Program Using detailed data, analytics, and mapping, our Supply Chain Risk Management Program: evaluates exposures throughout your organization’s extended supply chain; identifies, measures, and prioritizes interdependent risks and single points of failure; and develops a customized risk mitigation and transfer.

Insurance Coverage For Supply And Distribution Chain Disruptions Contingent Business Interruption (CBI) insurance protects a company from business interruption losses when a logistics system fails due to a covered cause of loss. Supply chain insurance is currently only available for companies with a head office in US, Europe and Canada.

For more details, please read our latest insights magazine about supply chain or visit the Zurich sponsored online resource center on Supply Chain Risk, in partnership with The Wall Street Journal.

Supply chain management in the insurance
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Supply Chain Insurance and Risk Consulting