Riordan manufacturing acquisition of jjj company

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Planning to Avoid Future Actions. Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin January 29, Mark Sales Manager Riordan Manufacturing Industry Dr. Silver Springs, CA Dear Mark, You may already know that the ad hoc committee was established by the company CEO William so we can know all areas of JJJ Company.

John, Accounting Manager Riordan Manufacturing TO: Ad Hoc Committee of Riordan Manufacturing FROM: John, Accounting Manager SUBJECT: Acquisition of JJJ Company DATE: February 1, Ad Hoc Committee: We are sending out to email to provide further information on the discussed acquisition of JJJ Company.

Information on Riordan Manufacturing

Acquisition of JJJ Company Our accounting team has reviewed the financial stability to JJJ Company and evaluated the benefits to Riordan Manufacturing in the event of the acquisition.

We have review the financials from JJJ Company and have concerns about their stability in the marketplace if acquired. Situation: Riordan Manufacturing is looking to acquire the JJJ Company and has formed a confidential ad hoc committee to perform several functions including due diligence of JJJ Company.

Riordan manufacturing acquisition of jjj company
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