Problem and prospect of insurance in bangladesh

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Problems & prospects: an analysis of Mercantile Insurance Company Limited

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History, problems, and prospects of Islamic insurance (Takaful) in Bangladesh

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Such as insurance policies except life insurance allows a policy-holder to transfer all risk to the insurance company in exchange of paying a certain amount of premium. The. 35 Problems and Prospects of Insurance Business in Bangladesh Objectives of the report Primary objective: The main objective of this report is to show the scenario of "Problems and prospects of Insurance in Bangladesh" at a glance.

1. 1. Introduction Background of the Report This report has been prepared as a requirement of the insurance and risk management course. The report was based upon the overall insurance company’s problems and prospects in Bangladesh/5(7). d) Bangladesh has made the transition from being primarily a jute exporting country to a garment exporting one.

The export oriented garment and related industry presently employs around three million workers mostly women. These workers are definitely the new prospects for Bangladesh life insurance sector.

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PDF | The insurance industry of Bangladesh has witnessed a steady growth and attracted a lot of interest in recent years. Even then, the industry is ripe with problems. Problem of Insurance Business in Bangladesh In a developing country like Bangladesh, insurance companies are playing a very important role in the economy.

Though insurance industry has very prospect in the economy but for some reasons it’s totally failed to achieve its goal.

Problem and prospect of insurance in bangladesh
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Overall Insurance Company’s Problems and Prospects in Bangladesh. - Assignment Point