Inventory management of coca cola company


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Procter & Gamble Inventory Management System

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Today, the Coca-Cola cooler perfectly sums up the state of play with AI in the B2B field - it’s ideal when the number of variables are limited and predictable.

It’s not so handy when the classification is more complex - unless it’s a specific field where there’s already been an opportunity to analyze and learn from lots of existing data, such as IBM Watson’s. Coca-Cola is working with SAP to develop software to improve efficiency in the drinks firm's supply chain.

Technology produced by the collaboration could be used across the beverage industry. An inventory turnover of nine means that the company has gone through and sold all its inventory nine times during the period. High inventory turnover means the company has likely 1) Sold a lot of product and 2) Been efficient with selling product.

billion liters of water were used to produce billion liters of finished product across The Coca Cola company’s drinks brands in An additional 15 billion liters of water were used by customers who sell fountain beverages, meaning billion liters of water were contained in Coca Cola products.

Coca-Cola Co.'s finished goods declined from to and from to Inventories: Carrying amount (lower of cost or market) as of the balance sheet date of inventories less all valuation and other allowances. Excludes noncurrent inventory balances (expected to remain on hand past one year or one operating cycle, if longer).

Coca-Cola is a long time company, known around the world for its products’ physical attributes and the different products the corporation possess.

As a result of the numerous amounts of various drinks, the coca-cola company serves as a manufacturer of the goods which the corporation distributes.

Inventory management of coca cola company
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