Companies should consider their employees right to privacy

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What are Employee Privacy Rights?

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Employees' Rights to Privacy

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Employees of government and public entities have a constitutional right to privacy that protects them from most employer monitoring of, or even inquiring about, their off-the-job conduct.


For public employers, then, this type of monitoring is largely off-limits. Employees should be able to access their personal information, and be able to challenge the accuracy and completeness of it.

Do employees' privacy rights conflict with an employer's right to manage? Employers have legitimate requirements for personal information about their employees.

They need to know who they're hiring. In an updated statement, Tumblr says an audit found child porn images were slipping through detection tools, leading to removal from App Store — Blames an ‘industry database’ that failed to filter prohibited content — Tumblr says that child pornography was the reason for its app's sudden disappearance from the iOS App Store.

Mar 15,  · Only 6% believe their current process for managing performance is worth the time, 58% called their process "weak," with North American companies 20% worse than the rest of the world. Executive Summary.

It’s a common complaint.

Employees Rights 101

Companies keep trying to show the world that they are socially conscious and keep losing the battle. Executives know the importance of their companies’ reputations.

Firms with strong positive reputations attract better people. They are perceived as providing more value, which often allows them.

Companies should consider their employees right to privacy
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