A discussion on the case of three boys being reported missing in west memphis

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Reopening the West Memphis Three

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Whatever the truth is, there was a general case against them back inunderstandably of what the ideas of Paradise Lost and Damien Echols would now have us understand. The parents of three local boys had reported their sons, 8-year-olds Steve Branch, Michael Moore and Christopher Byers, missing.

He also felt the killer would not have been worried about the boys screaming due to it being in the woods and close to the expressway." The case of the West Memphis Three would probably be unknown outside of.

Timeline of events in the West Memphis Three case

On June 21,Terry Hobbs was interrogated by the West Memphis Police Department. Two events were undisputed that evening, framing a critical time period. At 5 pm he left off his wife, Pamela, at her place of work, Catfish Island.

The West Memphis Three Trials: Appellate Decisions Deborah O'Tinger saw the three boys walking through her yard between and that afternoon.

Her recollection was that they were pushing a bicycle. He described the cleared area on the bank as being "slick," but having "scuffs" in the cleared-off area.

He got into the water. The Memphis Three Trials: A Chronology Damien Echols and Jason Baldwin during trial (Mar. 2, ) (photo: Lisa Waddell, The announces that three boys are missing and that he will direct the search efforts. May 6 The True Story of the West Memphis Three, a book by Mara Leveritt, is published.

The book strongly suggests a miscarriage of. The Paradise Lost sequel was followed two years later with an exhaustive analysis of the case by Mara Leveritt in her book Devils Knot: The True Story of the West Memphis Three.

Like the filmmakers, Leveritt argued that a miscarriage of justice occurred in the trials. Welcome West Memphis Three Facts: There are many important facts left out of the documentaries, books, and most media coverage about the West Memphis Three (WM3) case.

Here are just a few: Around the time the boys were reported missing on the night of May 5th, a bleeding, muddy African American man stumbled into the women's.

A discussion on the case of three boys being reported missing in west memphis
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